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Born Host to a Tongue, So Sing a Song About It

Thank God It's Fatal - Not Shy

Jelena Louise Dorny
12 May 1978
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'Lo, sunshine (yeah, that'd be the name I dole out to everyone - so you're all special). It's JD with a short guide on how to pronounce my first name:

Okay, ready? Here we go. It's very simple really. You don't pronounce the 'j' as 'jay'. It's actually a 'y'. So, it's 'Yelena', not 'Jelena'. Some of you brainless schlubs will find that difficult to comprehend, I understand. But honestly - you've spent seven years in my company. GET IT RIGHT FOR ONCE.

What I don't comprehend is how I went from a Latvian name my Ma passed onto me to a deadset boring English one. Jelena Louise Dorny. Jelena LOUISE. Louise. Rowena's tits, what was my father thinking at the time?

If you haven't heard of me by now, then you must be very deaf indeed. I'm not taken, but I'm very rarely interested, thank you very much. And never in pretty boys like Adrian Pucey. Yerch. Or overtly 'funny-guy' types like Lee Jordon or the twins. Sorry. Actually, the type I'm interested in would be those of the Professor Babbling calibre - but alas, he is a teacher, and all the boys who even try to pull off that classic attitude just sound like whiney jerks.

Oh, but I tutor. Suprising, isn't it? Flitwick recommended it I think to reign my energy towards something profitable or some such rubbish excuse and the ickle ones that get sent my way actually do improve, so I guess I'm pretty okay at it. Don't ask me about Astronomy, though. God damn Astronomy and the Astronomy Professor. Oh, wait. I'll get yelled at for saying that, best strike it out. - I'm only taking it because my parents absolutely insisted I do so. Anything to keep the folks off my back, right? We compromised. I take Astronomy, they don't say anything about my tattoo.

Speaking of subjects, I'm taking Astronomy yerch, Ancient Runes, Potions, Charms, and Defence Against the Dark Arts this year. I was doing History of Magic last year, but it's NEWTs and I had to lessen the load somewhere. I have no idea what I want to do when I leave, but you can safely bet it will NOT be in the fields of research, teaching or bureaucracy.

As a rule, I generally don't have problems with people. They generally have problems with me. I'm not a victim here, nor do I intend to be one - and I especially do not consider myself one. But I'm not going to change from a circle to fit into your square peghole. So get used to me, sunshine. Or ignore me. Like Montague, you might find that doesn't work so well either.

During my holidays, I work in a Muggle cafe in London which really irritates my well-to-do parents. But I wouldn't give it up for anything. Sure, we get the crazy man who talks to cats, and the woman who attempts to haggle the price of a box of a dozen muffins - but it's wicked fun. And I had a number of gigs there over the summer.

My most wishful dream is to have a good hour with Myron Wagtail of the Weird Sisters Merton Graves is nice and all, but puhlease. He plays the cello. He isn't even the frontman - mind, I do like talking to him regardless of his occupation. I nearly died last year when he visited for that blast of a Yule Ball. It's not that I like him particularly, I just think he would be awesome to chat to having led his band to have made it in the Wizarding music industry. Yes - this is a subject I could talk about for hours. Love to Merton, none-the-less.

Toodles, oh beams of sunshine! See you in class or wherever I do.

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Disclaimer: Jelena Dorny is an RPG character taken from the Harry Potter series created and owned by J.K. Rowling. Mena Suvari (the played-by representing the character) has no affiliation to this game. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

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